H ospitals, medical facilities and health care organizations are leveraging the power of proximity engagement solutions to improve efficiency, manage costs and support improved patient experiences. Beacon-based Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and real-time location systems (RTLS) are just two of the exciting technologies that are transforming health care operations.

Optimized Asset Tracking and Equipment Utilization

As the expense of hospital assets continues to rise on a per bed and per patient basis, solutions to reduce complexity and manage costs are more critical than ever. Accurately tracking assets is a major challenge throughout the industry: hospitals are large, staff are typically dispersed across multiple areas and departments, and assets may be tasked to widely differing objectives.

This chronic inefficiency results in equipment and supplies that are misplaced or left in disuse, requiring facilities to over-purchase just to make them available as needed. The solution: BLE and RTLS beacon technologies.

With beacon IoT implementation for health care, your staff always knows where valuable assets and supplies are located. Beacon infrastructure provides answers in an instant, which is not just more convenient and affordable, it can also save lives.

  • Reduce equipment over-purchasing
  • Shorter wait times for patients
  • Improved response time
  • Better patient health outcomes

More Informed Doctors, Nurses and Technicians

Hospitals and health care facilities are complex environments for data storage and utilization. Accessing that information is often a challenge for doctors and nurses, who struggle to receive relevant data quickly and efficiently, all while having to match it correctly to patients who are always evolving in their needs. This frustrates efficiency, extends wait times and creates unsatisfactory patient experiences.

Beacon-based proximity solutions can optimize information sharing and improve the experience for both health care professionals and patients. Beacons can expedite the process of meeting and assisting patients, while simultaneously improving accuracy and reducing wait times. It can also lead to better health care security and data compliance practices, which helps organizations manage liability. BLE and RTLS is a win-win for all stakeholders.

  • Faster access to patient information
  • Easier hospital navigation
  • Staff tracking and notifications
  • Better security and compliance performance

Proximity Solutions for Health Care Marketing

Interacting with patients is the core of modern health care marketing and today’s patient journeys are overwhelmingly digital. By reaching patient populations online or through mobile devices, organizations are extending their ability to provide critically needed services and health care solutions.

Digital applications, including micro-location and contextual communications using proximity beacons, are transforming the way health care organizations connect with patients. These technologies are extending the impact and efficiency of health care organizations’ marketing efforts, and delivering improved patient satisfaction alongside better health outcomes.

  • Personalized messaging
  • Proximity-based notifications
  • Offline and online campaign integration
  • Better marketing performance with reduced costs

Now more than ever health care is the focus of efforts to improve efficiency, performance and satisfaction. Beacon-based Bluetooth low energy and real-time location systems are at the forefront of solutions designed to bring health care fully into the 21st century. Cloud I/Os can be your partner in helping make proximity solutions work for you.

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