T he ability to locate critical assets and resources in real-time enables advantages that organizations in today’s fast-paced business environment cannot live without:

  • Simple, powerful tracking of location, status and condition of assets and people
  • 24/7 real-time inventory auditing
  • Automated inventory delivery, pickup and drop-off tracking
  • Centralized monitoring for temperature, humidity and other environmental factors
  • Simplified security, know when assets or inventory go missing
  • Context-based alerts that instantly trigger an appropriate response

How Are Organizations Using Proximity for Asset Tracking?

Businesses are finding new applications for BLE and RTLS beacon technology everyday. Here are some of the most common examples:

Manufacturing. Assets and staff can be tracked in real-time. Production lines and logistics can be optimized with active product tracking; products tracked throughout production can be constantly audited for quality, with relevant data used to help managers improve operations. Worker movement monitoring improves efficiency, increases work safety and reduces risk. Track assets that haven’t yet reached the assembly line, to eliminate inefficiencies, improve process visibility and optimize work flow.

  • Assembly line logistics
  • Employee and equipment tracking
  • Precision tracking

Hospitals. Equipment tracking can dramatically increase staff access to and use of medical devices and supplies, reducing wait times and improving patient health outcomes. Doctors and nurses have improved access to the tools they need to save lives. Optimized asset utilization decreases operating costs. The full patient journey can be made seamless, from check-in and admittance, through patient file collection, to diagnosis and discharge.

  • Increase medical device usage
  • Patient tracking
  • Automate health care data access
  • Manage staff allocation
  • Physical and digital security enhancement

Workplace. Insights provided by proximity monitoring can be used to optimize space usage and staff movement. For offices and business that are activity based, allocation of critical resources (workstations, meeting rooms, shared spaces) can be automated, which improves efficiency and performance, while cutting costs. Almost all elements of the workplace can be integrated within a beacon framework that boosts value.

  • Staff tracking
  • Resource allocation
  • Access and safety

Logistics & Transport. The applications here are virtually unlimited. Track parcels and deliveries through warehouses. Ensure timely restocking. Monitor inventory levels and automate ordering. Help staff navigate, placing them where they need to be when they need to be there. Speed up all processes, while also reducing errors. Managers can benefit from having all the data they need at their fingertips, with the ability to inspect the chain at any point and make relevant adjustments.

  • Increase effective storage space
  • Enable comprehensive data analytics
  • Expedite processing
  • Improve security
  • Decrease shipping mistakes
  • Ongoing and sustainable optimization

Cold chain. Global losses in the food industry are approaching $1 trillion yearly. The blame for inefficiency overwhelmingly goes to improper facilities and poor handling procedures. Extend this analysis to other industries dependent upon cold chain systems, including agriculture and pharmaceuticals, and the need for new technologies is critical. Proximity tracking and monitoring can stem losses, with accurate 24/7 monitoring of environmental factors, handling procedures and more.

  • Temperature and environmental monitoring
  • Asset tracking
  • Security and access

You may not be using Beacon-based Bluetooth low energy and real-time location systems to boost performance, but know one thing: your competition probably is. Cloud I/Os can help your organization stay up-to-date and relevant in the evolving 21st century market.

Consumer Engagement Through Marketing Automation & Proximity Technology

Retail is one of the most mature and fast-growing industry contexts where beacon-based solutions are transforming the way vendors and brands connect with customers.

Healthcare: Patient tracking, patient engagement

Hospitals, medical facilities and health care organizations are leveraging the power of proximity engagement solutions to improve efficiency, manage costs and support improved patient experiences.

Place of interest engagement: Zoo, Museum, airport

Proximity solutions can power any place of interest – a sports stadium, zoo, museum, exhibition hall, concert and more – to make visitor experiences more exciting, relevant, functional and consistent.