R etail is one of the most mature and fast-growing industry contexts where beacon-based solutions are transforming the way vendors and brands connect with customers. Four of the most popular and effective automated marketing techniques are push notifications, customized coupons and offers, indoor navigation and data generation.

Here’s a closer look at each:

Push notifications. More powerful and effective than standard marketing emails or text messages, beacon-powered push notifications enable retailers to connect directly with customers when they are in the area. Messages can be enhanced with relevant data about the user – a retailer could remind them of a catalog item they saved – and bolstered by shopping histories, preferences and demographics. Beacons can connect users to the exact message most relevant to their interaction. Push notifications powered by proximity are a cheaper solution than comparable WiFi-based systems, demonstrate improved reach and engagement and provide additional customer data that can be used for future engagement.

Customized coupons & offers. Access to comprehensive shopper data enables vendors to generate smarter, more enticing offers to customers. Using data generated from online visits, shopping history and stored preferences, a retailer can generate customized coupons and highly relevant offers that differ from one shopper to the next. Instead of spamming shoppers with non-relevant offers, highly targeted offers boost engagement and improve conversion rates. Personalized in-store shopping is helping brick & mortar retailers tip the scales in their battle with online retailers.

Indoor navigation. Real-time indoor navigation using BLE beacons is helping retailers interact with customers in new and exciting ways:

  • Up-to-date maps eliminate the need for expensive signage or multiple physical map stations.
  • Automated wayfinding information directs shoppers where they want to go, and also where vendors want them.
  • Mobility and language support can direct differently abled shoppers to escalators and elevators, or provide language support for non-native speakers.

Indoor navigation powered by proximity is a cost-effective marketing solution that saves shoppers time, reduces marketing resource allocation for retailers and creates a win-win for everyone.

Data generation. Proximity technology creates a wealth of actionable data you can use to connect with customers, help them make purchasing decisions and encourage them to make return visits. Just a sample of the data created by beacon technologies retailers are using includes:

  • Pathing. Where do visitors go first? Where do they linger? Which areas are they avoiding? How are employees moving through space and engaging with customers? Understanding how people move through a space highlights customer journeys and employee work rates.
  • Visit data. When, where and how often are customers visiting a location? How long are they staying? Are these returning visitors or new ones? Visit data helps your management team understand traffic and gives insights into staffing needs.
  • Loyalty. Tracking repeat visits by loyal customers allows businesses to create effective rewards systems, to spur additional opportunities for engagement. It can also point out where improvements need to be made to encourage loyalty.

Customer engagement through marketing automation is the next big difference maker for businesses in the highly competitive 21st century market. Cloud I/Os can help your organization power up with affordable and effective beacon-based technologies that can take your performance to the next level.

Equipment and asset tracking

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Healthcare: Patient tracking, patient engagement

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