Marketing Automation

In a world where markets and customers are constantly evolving, your business needs to keep pace with change. Don’t be challenged by innovation, instead harness the power of marketing automation to work for you:

Lead management. Improve lead quality, empower the customer discovery process and put your business on a path to optimal customer engagement. Lead management solutions from Cloud I/Os allow you to engage customers anywhere, with personalized campaigns that scale to your needs and create a lasting connection.

Email marketing. Power your email marketing with data that allows you to connect with customers more effectively and stand out from the crowd. Control the conversation with relevant, triggered email marketing messages that deliver a clear impact, with provable ROI.

Consumer marketing. Cross channel customer engagement, accomplished seamlessly and with sustainable impact – that’s the Cloud I/Os consumer marketing difference. Target your ideal customers, attract them with personalized marketing and acquire them, then grow their loyalty and build lifetime value.

Customer base marketing. Deeper customer relationships are more valuable for your business. Cloud I/Os customer base marketing solutions allow you to foster engagement across channels with your best customers, making it easy to build loyalty and boost sales. Tools to create the optimal customer experience are at your fingertips.

Mobile marketing. More and more customers are migrating to mobile, the Cloud I/Os mobile marketing team can help you find and engage them. Comprehensive analytics power your ability to connect with your audience and transform marketing leads into loyal customers. Increase retention by staying connected, power your marketing with mobile engagement.