Data & Insights

Metrics are easy, insights are hard – is your data providing the actionable intelligence your organization needs to make better, more informed decisions? Cloud I/Os can transform data into a value driver for your organization, with a four-step marketing data-centered process:

Collect. Relevant, accurate and actionable data is the foundation for the process. We have tools that collect data from a variety of channels, so you have a full view of your information environment. The Cloud I/Os team can ensure the data you need is the data you collect.

Connect. Some data is useful simply in aggregate, however most data needs to be contextualized and connected to return value. We don’t just look at broad trends and surface statistics. We connect data to your customers, your staff and your resources, to create data that is valuable not just by quantity but also quality.

Manage. The speed and volume that data accumulates requires capable tools to manage the process. Cloud I/Os understands how to manage today’s market data volumes. We have industry leading real-time tools, storage and processing solutions that can manage your data and ensure data collection doesn’t become a data distraction.

Analyze & Discover. Our data analysis tools are optimized to reveal actionable insights, which drive your ability to make better business decisions. We use statistics tools, reporting, data visualization and more, to create a complete picture of where your business is, where it needs to be and how to get there. Our data-driven insights generate value broadly, for specific customer segments, via staff analysis and more.