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Mobile First

Mobile first is not just a buzzworthy phrase at Cloud I/Os it’s a paradigm that defines how we deliver ultimate performance and outstanding value to our clients. Mobile is where your customers are going, you need mobile first to connect with their journey. If you don’t, your competition will… and that’s a strategy for being left behind.

Cloud I/Os has experience designing B2B and B2C apps within a mobile first context that is fast, attractive and simple to use. Optimal functionality at your fingertips, with premier level performance and a comfortable and powerful user experience.

Support for All Models and Operating Systems

Our experience means we’re capable of creating mobile apps that work beautifully across a wide variety of platforms. Your customers will always be able to connect with your services, products and message. Enjoy the benefits of outstanding mobile engineering with a gorgeous user interface.

Mobile is no longer about the future, it’s here today. Don’t be content waiting for your customers to come to you, actively connect with them and watch your business elevate to the next level. Be Mobile First, let Cloud I/Os power your ability to dominate the market and build a process that delivers sustained value.

Proximity Engagement

Proximity technologies, like Bluetooth low energy (BLE) in a mesh topology and real-time location system (RTLS), can transform your business’s ability to compete. Proximity is a solution that drives higher efficiencies, , optimized performance and delivers positive customer experiences:

Locate your assets & interact with your customers. BLE and RTLS enable simple, powerful tracking and location capabilities that demystify your supply chain and/or user behavior. Tracking is possible by a variety of metrics, including location, status, condition of assets and people and much more. The solution allows you to accurately track the location of your assets and quickly locate them whenever needed. When used to enhance customer experiences, it captures data on how your customers are interacting in your space and allows you to devise strategies to delight your customers and convert each visit into a sale. Proximity technology solutions are easy to implement and very affordable.

Data & Insights

Metrics are easy, insights are hard – is your data providing the actionable intelligence your organization needs to make better, more informed decisions? Cloud I/Os can transform data into a value driver for your organization, with a four-step marketing data-centered process:

Collect. Relevant, accurate and actionable data is the foundation for the process. We have tools that collect data from a variety of channels, so you have a full view of your information environment. The Cloud I/Os team can ensure the data you need is the data you collect.

Connect. Some data is useful simply in aggregate, however most data needs to be contextualized and connected to return value. We don’t just look at broad trends and surface statistics. We connect data to your customers, your staff and your resources, to create data that is valuable not just by quantity but also quality.

Manage. The speed and volume that data accumulates requires capable tools to manage the process. Cloud I/Os understands how to manage today’s market data volumes. We have industry leading real-time tools, storage and processing solutions that can manage your data and ensure data collection doesn’t become a data distraction.

Analyze & Discover. Our data analysis tools are optimized to reveal actionable insights, which drive your ability to make better business decisions. We use statistics tools, reporting, data visualization and more, to create a complete picture of where your business is, where it needs to be and how to get there. Our data-driven insights generate value broadly, for specific customer segments, via staff analysis and more.

Marketing Automation

In a world where markets and customers are constantly evolving, your business needs to keep pace with change. Don’t be challenged by innovation, instead harness the power of marketing automation to work for you:

Lead management. Improve lead quality, empower the customer discovery process and put your business on a path to optimal customer engagement. Lead management solutions from Cloud I/Os allow you to engage customers anywhere, with personalized campaigns that scale to your needs and create a lasting connection.

Email marketing. Power your email marketing with data that allows you to connect with customers more effectively and stand out from the crowd. Control the conversation with relevant, triggered email marketing messages that deliver a clear impact, with provable ROI.

Consumer marketing. Cross channel customer engagement, accomplished seamlessly and with sustainable impact – that’s the Cloud I/Os consumer marketing difference. Target your ideal customers, attract them with personalized marketing and acquire them, then grow their loyalty and build lifetime value.

Customer base marketing. Deeper customer relationships are more valuable for your business. Cloud I/Os customer base marketing solutions allow you to foster engagement across channels with your best customers, making it easy to build loyalty and boost sales. Tools to create the optimal customer experience are at your fingertips.

Mobile marketing. More and more customers are migrating to mobile, the Cloud I/Os mobile marketing team can help you find and engage them. Comprehensive analytics power your ability to connect with your audience and transform marketing leads into loyal customers. Increase retention by staying connected, power your marketing with mobile engagement.

Regardless of the stage of your business cycle

Cloud I/Os offers the unique advantage of full-scale cloud solutions a€“ simplified for you a€“ so you can focus on leading your business to new heights while leaving the building blocks to us.

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