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Companies are leveraging the latest customer engagement technologies with the aim of improving business efficiencies and delighting their customers, a strategy that ultimately leads to better business performance. Thousands of companies are making this digital transformation to sharpen their competitive edge – are you one of them?

Here’s a closer look at how organizations can benefit from the technology solutions that Cloud I/Os offers.

Consumer Engagement Through Marketing Automation & Proximity Technology


Retail is one of the most mature and fast-growing industry contexts where beacon-based solutions are transforming the way vendors and brands connect with customers. Four of the most popular and effective automated marketing techniques are push notifications, customized coupons and offers, indoor navigation and data generation.

Here’s a closer look at each:

Push notifications. More powerful and effective than standard marketing emails or text messages, beacon-powered push notifications enable retailers to connect directly with customers when they are in the area. Messages can be enhanced with relevant data about the user – a retailer could remind them of a catalog item they saved – and bolstered by shopping histories, preferences and demographics. Beacons can connect users to the exact message most relevant to their interaction. Push notifications powered by proximity are a cheaper solution than comparable WiFi-based systems, demonstrate improved reach and engagement and provide additional customer data that can be used for future engagement.

Customized coupons & offers. Access to comprehensive shopper data enables vendors to generate smarter, more enticing offers to customers. Using data generated from online visits, shopping history and stored preferences, a retailer can generate customized coupons and highly relevant offers that differ from one shopper to the next. Instead of spamming shoppers with non-relevant offers, highly targeted offers boost engagement and improve conversion rates. Personalized in-store shopping is helping brick & mortar retailers tip the scales in their battle with online retailers.

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Healthcare: Patient Tracking, Patient Engagement


Hospitals, medical facilities and health care organizations are leveraging the power of proximity engagement solutions to improve efficiency, manage costs and support improved patient experiences. Beacon-based Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and real-time location systems (RTLS) are just two of the exciting technologies that are transforming health care operations.

Optimized Asset Tracking and Equipment Utilization

As the expense of hospital assets continues to rise on a per bed and per patient basis, solutions to reduce complexity and manage costs are more critical than ever. Accurately tracking assets is a major challenge throughout the industry: hospitals are large, staff are typically dispersed across multiple areas and departments, and assets may be tasked to widely differing objectives.

This chronic inefficiency results in equipment and supplies that are misplaced or left in disuse, requiring facilities to over-purchase just to make them available as needed. The solution: BLE and RTLS beacon technologies.

With beacon IoT implementation for health care, your staff always knows where valuable assets and supplies are located. Beacon infrastructure provides answers in an instant, which is not just more convenient and affordable, it can also save lives.

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Place Of Interest (POI) Engagement


Proximity solutions can power any place of interest – a sports stadium, zoo, museum, exhibition hall, concert and more – to make visitor experiences more exciting, relevant, functional and consistent. The extensive list of applications for Bluetooth low energy and real-time location systems in these venues include:

Simplified navigation and access. Beacon-based proximity technologies that push maps to guests can help them get where they’re going faster, with reduced frustration. That allows them more time to explore and engage with their desired experiences. This delivers more value to guests and results in improved satisfaction.

Self-guided tours. Digital proximity solutions can reduce overhead and personnel costs, while freeing guests to engage with attractions in a way that is more personalized and convenient. With self-guided tours enabled using proximity technologies, visitors can explore at their own pace, linger where desired and enjoy a more satisfying visit. Venues can allocate staff and resources for more critical, value-focused functions.

Deploy enhanced marketing. Beacon-based technologies allow venues to connect with visitors through more relevant and effective marketing content. Guests can view information about future events, advertisements, retail items related to spaces they are exploring and more. Proximity creates a more robust context for connecting with and sharing your event.

Game applications. Venue environments can be gamified and visitors encouraged to interact more completely with events and exhibits, to deliver a more immersive experience than before. Museums can use proximity technology to host quiz games, zoos can have animal scavenger hunts, stadiums can lead guests through a trivia game that highlights the history and accomplishments of their favorite team. Accrued points can be converted to rewards that earn retail discounts, ticket rebates and more, all with the goal of encouraging repeat visits and more satisfying engagement.

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Equipment And Asset Tracking


The ability to locate critical assets and resources in real-time enables advantages that organizations in today’s fast-paced business environment cannot live without:

  • Simple, powerful tracking of location, status and condition of assets and people
  • 24/7 real-time inventory auditing
  • Automated inventory delivery, pickup and drop-off tracking
  • Centralized monitoring for temperature, humidity and other environmental factors
  • Simplified security, know when assets or inventory go missing
  • Context-based alerts that instantly trigger an appropriate response

How Are Organizations Using Proximity for Asset Tracking?

Businesses are finding new applications for BLE and RTLS beacon technology everyday. Here are some of the most common examples:

Manufacturing. Assets and staff can be tracked in real-time. Production lines and logistics can be optimized with active product tracking; products tracked throughout production can be constantly audited for quality, with relevant data used to help managers improve operations. Worker movement monitoring improves efficiency, increases work safety and reduces risk. Track assets that haven’t yet reached the assembly line, to eliminate inefficiencies, improve process visibility and optimize work flow.

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