Digital Transformation For SMEs

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation For SMEs

The digital transformation journey is the same for SMEs as it is for larger enterprises: it leverages technology and innovation as a driver for profound improvements in organizational activities, processes, competencies and models. Digital transformation is empowering organizations to achieve immediate revenue growth, lock in sustainable profitability gains and boost market share.

So if digital transformation is so great, why aren’t more SMEs doing it? Here’s a closer look at the challenges and how Cloud I/Os solves them for companies just like yours.

SMEs Making the Digital Transformation A Look at the Numbers

The first thing you need to understand as the leader of a SME is that you don’t need to be at a technology disadvantage compared to larger organizations. In fact, you have an advantage; technology solutions are plentiful and affordable for SMEs willing to engage them, while many larger organizations are trapped in legacy systems that are too complex or expensive to fully modernize.

recent study from SAP revealed the current state of affairs among SMEs engaging the digital transformation process:

  • Only 3% have fully implemented digital transformation projects across the organization
  • 19% have limited implementation
  • 55% are piloting programs
  • 22% are planning their digital transformation
  • 1% have not begun planning

Three percent represents a huge opportunity for SMEs fully committed to digital transformation: it means your organization could enjoy technology-driven efficiency, performance and operating advantages over 97% of your competitors.

Successfully overcoming the challenges to going digital is how you become part of the exceptional three percent.

Digital Transformation Challenges and How Cloud I/Os Overcomes Them

We asked earlier, “So if digital transformation is so great, why aren’t more SMEs doing it?” The answer: because they are discouraged by the perceived effort and challenges involved. Even while understanding that all of the benefits of digital transformation are within reach, including the opportunity to jump ahead of the vast majority of market competition, organizations are unwilling to take the next step.

Here’s a closer look at the most common challenges to digital transformation and how the Cloud I/Os team delivers effective solutions.

Lack of leadership and in-house expertise. The primary challenge for SMEs embarking on their digital transformation journey is one of leadership: most SMEs are not scaled to have in-house technology leadership resources to devote to planning, management and implementation. They are forced to allocate resources away from core operations, which creates two problems: those resources likely don’t have the required expertise, and reallocation measurably cuts into day-to-day and per-quarter performance.

Cloud I/Os brings together talent and technology to offer an outside solution for SMEs. Outsourcing with our team provides definable benefits:

  • Lower costs compared to implementing an in-house technology team
  • Access to an experienced and knowledgeable technology provider
  • Ability to focus on your core business operations
  • Scalable solutions that grow with your company

We provide the mindset, knowledge leadership and technical expertise to drive continuous improvement and innovation, at a fraction of the costs required for in-house development. That’s the Cloud I/Os advantage.

Limited budget. Budget limitations and perceived costs are a significant barrier to improvement for many organizations. Technology investment is viewed as expensive and uncertain, with a long road ahead to recover value.

You don’t have endless money or resources to throw at digital transformation, we understand that. The Cloud I/Os team helps organize and manage your journey within a budget framework that works for your organization. We create a phased plan that is simple to understand and evaluate, with clear metrics that allow for easy analysis and tracking. And we optimize your ability to return immediate value on your investment.

Lack of cohesive digital strategy. Having a digital transformation goal in sight is easy, having a company-wide plan to get there is a much more difficult challenge. Many organizations struggle to create a clear, actionable template that defines the characteristics, procedures, costs and schedule of their journey.

If you’re struggling with where or how to begin, Cloud I/Os has answers. We create a plan that identifies the stakeholders that keep your company alive: your customers. We specialize in technology stack solutions that are precisely engineered to meet your individual company’s needs and exceed your goals for success, without running over budget or off schedule. You tell us your goals, we’ll innovate a plan that gets you where you want to be.

Employee push back. Employees are typically resistant to change; they rely on proven technologies and perform according to comfortable and familiar routines. Digital transformation is often viewed as an unwelcome disruption of their process.

At Cloud I/Os, we’re used to achieving buy in from employees. We can’t completely erase doubt and uncertainty from your staff but we can help alleviate them. We emphasize consistency and transparency, so your employees always have answers to their questions. By keeping all stakeholders informed throughout the process, we empower employees to understand what’s at stake and take control of change.

Begin Your Digital Transformation Journey with a FREE CONSULTATION

You know your business needs to make the leap to digital, it’s simply a matter of being ready to invest yourself fully in the process. The good news is that it’s more affordable than you think, but you will need a good strategy and the tenacity to see the project through.

Cloud I/Os is committed to assisting enterprises big and small, across the region with their digital transformation needs. Everyday, Cloud I/Os works with enterprises just like yours to digitize their business. We specialize in providing stakeholder engagement technologies and electronics platforms that will improve your customer experience and increase their lifetime value for you.

All of the benefits of digital transformation are within reach. We have customer-centric solutions that can be tailored precisely to your needs. Cloud I/Os is ready to help you maximize your impact on the 21st century market – are you ready to succeed?

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