About Us

Company Profile

Cloud I/Os is a cloud provider of IoT and omni-channel engagement technology solutions, specializing in empowering businesses and enterprises and helping them increase the lifetime value of their customers.

Our portfolio of technology solutions elevates clients with market-leading performance for:

  • Advance data analytics and insights
  • Marketing automation to drive customer acquisition, engagement and retention
  • Proximity engagement and tracking solutions
  • eCommerce and mobile applications

Cloud I/Os was founded in 2017 by veterans from the IT industry. The company’s management team has a combined portfolio of IT solutions experience that spans close to 200 years. Cloud I/Os is headquartered in Singapore and has resources, partners and clients located throughout the Asia-Pacific region and around the world.

Company Core Values

Value Creation
Our job is to make your job easier by deploying technology solutions that provide more and better options, to increase your business success.
We are inspired by technological change and believe passionately in the power of innovation as a driving force for advancement and excellence.
We conduct our business according to the highest standards of ethical behavior, including how we manage the confidential data of our clients.
We endeavor always to deliver high quality, professional service to meet client needs and create a framework for success.

Why Choose Us

Your organization faces a more challenging and competitive market environment than ever before. Emergent technology can be the solution that defines your success. Cloud I/Os makes technology work for you – our IoT and stakeholder engagement solutions improve your efficiency, reduce costs and deliver value that is sustainable.

Choose Cloud I/Os to empower your organization and enable the leap into the 21st century marketplace. We can deliver difference making technologies that will position you as an industry performance and innovation leader.